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CWLG is a unique London Group now starting a cost effective feasibility study into increasing the use of digital services to benefit society with an ageing population.


We need your help with this scheme.

CWLG has been working collaboratively for some months and is now funded by INNOVATE UK. We envision a future where it is easier and enjoyable for employees to take more responsibility for and control of their health and well-being, enabling an increasing proportion of the older work-force to remain in productive employment longer.

CWLG developed from a series of meetings held at LSE which were organised by EKTG. When the group agreed to Submit an application for this small Feasibility Study to INNOVATE UK, we were told to have a Technology Corporate as the Lead. Fujitsu, who had never done this type of thing before agreed to undertake the task. When the main Application Overview was written various responsibilities were quite clear.

Fujitsu were the Lead, but European Knowledge Tree Group (EKTG) were to Coordinate the Scheme. Other Partners included Docobo, Z/Yen, Bart’s Health NHS Trust, East London NHS Foundation Trust and Morrison’s as a major employer in Stratford, Newham, and healthy-eating advocate.


Later this Group became known as CityWellnessLinkGroup(A)

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