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CitywellnessLink – An  Unique Opportunity to Improve Employee Health and Wellbeing, especially the older workforce.


CitywellnessLink (CWLG) is project team funded by an Innovate UK. We are reviewing a future where it is easier for employees to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing, using better digital services to remain in productive employment.  We have an eight month Feasibility Study to demonstrate this and are keen to involve you in our activity.




Health-related lost productivity costs the UK economy an estimated £91 billion per annum (ONS data).  Adding one year to everyone's working life could increase GDP by 1% pa.  Accessing GP services is challenging during working hours. So many people resort to local health and fitness services, or a myriad of unregulated ‘health’ apps and lifestyle fitness devices with data stored in unconnected places and relying upon user self-assessment.


About 50% of travellers to central London are over 50 therefore about 18% (226,000) have the potential of living with or developing a long-term condition with risk of other co-morbidities: consequently, ceasing to work before retirement age.  Coordinating digital health services with those people would enable older employees to better maintain health and wellness benefitting them, the economy, and their employer.

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