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Alongside the small Central Group mentioned earlier is:

CityWellnessLinkGroup (B) 

CityWellnessLinkGroup (B) has been most valuable with other linkages. These people represent formal and Informal organisations within the area with a wide range of responsibilities.

  • Adeola Agbebiyi, Newham.Government 

  • Dianne Barham, Healthwatch 

  • Somen Banerjee, Director Public Health, 

  • Sally Burns Newham Government  

  • Greoffrey Rivett earlier at City Heathwatch  

  • Jason.Strelitz  Newham Government" 

  • Xenia Koumi, City of London 

  • Catherine Mcguinness  City of London 

  • Mayor of Newham 

  • Mayor Tower Hamlets

  • Will.Tuckley, CEO Tower Hamlets  

  • Richard Foggie - DPO

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